Swimtek Ambassadeurs

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Caitlyn Ribbons Swimtek Ambassadeur

Caitlyn Ribbons


Club: UWA West Coast Swim Club

Coach: Rob Palfrey

Favourite Event: 100 breastroke

Personal Best Results: 01:10.3

Favourite set at Training: 40 x 50 (16 as every 4th fast, 12 as every 3rd fast, 8 as every 2nd fast, 4 as every fast)


Goals for 2021-22: Finish year 12 and start university whilst continuing to train hard and improve myself

Long Term Goals: Make an Australian Team

Favourite Music: Australian Indie / 2000s throwbacks

Hobbies: Surfing and painting

How do find doing year 12 and Swimming, and what advice would you give that has helped you?:  At times I find it difficult, especially when I am not getting as much sleep as what my body would like. However, I really like how it provides me a strict routine to follow while allowing me escape my study and daily school life. Good time management is definitely the most valuable advice to give to any year 12, whilst making sure you are constantly completing school work everyday to not falling behind. Listen to your parents, they do actually know something and can be great assistance.

Favourite food: Chocolate

Goals for 2021-22: Finish year 12 and start university whilst continuing to train hard and improve myself

Long Term Goals: Make an Australian Team


Favourite Pump up song: 0 To 100 / the catch up by drake

Go to quote: If you want to be the best, you have to do things others aren't willing to do - Michael Phelps

Mentor: I have taken something from every coach I've had. I believe they have all been mentors to me in their own way.

Favourite Swimmer: Taylor McKeown

Best Message for Success: All swimmers experience down times and disappointing results during their career. I believe how you deal with and approach disappointments will determine how successful you will be.

What got you into Swimming: When I turned 14, my coach at the time convinced me to start competing after I had been swimming for fitness for more than a year. From my first competition, I discovered my love for the sport.

Julian Leone Swimtek Ambassadeur

Julian Leone


Club: Western Sprint

Coach: Dion Mepham and Clarke Carlson

Favourite Event: 50m Freestyle

Personal Best Results: 23.85 in the 50m fresstyle

Favourite set at training: 40x50s (first 16 is every fourth fast, second 12 is every third fast, third 8 is every second fast then the last 4 is fast.


Favourite Music: Any song by Frank Sinatra

Hobbies: Football (soccer), Rowing, Building Lego, watching all sports.

How do you find doing Year 12 and Swimming, and what advice would you give that has helped you?: Year 12 has been a bit been a bit stressful year so far but I am lucky to have a good support network which helps me to manage school and swimming at the same time. Some advice I have is to try stay on top of all your work and use your family and friends to help you throughout the year managing everything.

Favourite food:  Monstrella Pizza

Goals for 2021-22: Get into UWA and study commerce.

Long Term Goals: See where my swimming takes me and hopefully make the national team. One day own a Ferrari SF90 Stradale, either go to a Super Bowl or Champions League final.


Favourite Pump up song: Shake the room by Pop Smoke featuring Quavo.

Go to quote: "I can accept failure, everyone fails at something. But I can't accept not trying" Micheal Jordan.

Mentors:  CJ Jogsma, Ryan Spencer, Rob Palfrey & Clarke Carlson.

Favourite Swimmer: Nathan Adrian

Best Message for Success: Work hard in silence and let your success do the talking.

What got you into Swimming: I was scared of water and my parents forced me to swim. When I moved from Singapore to Perth and joined the West Coast Swim Club.

Swimtek Athlete Sienna Menin

Sienna Menin


Club: Highlanders

Coach: Ryan Steenkamp and Lennard Bremer

Favourite Event: 400m Freestyle

Personal Best Results: Open water national time 

Favourite set at training: 9x400 descend by blocks of 3


Favourite Music: ABBA

Hobbies: I also compete in open water swimming, and I do surf life saving at North Cottesloe.

How do you find studying at school and Swimming, and what advice would you give that has helped you?:Year 11 has definitely been challenging but i found planning ahead, prioritizing and being organised has made it less of a bumpy ride. Having quality friends, support and knowing what your goals are, enabled me to still commit to my training whilst staying on top of school work.

Favourite food:  Watermelon

Goals for 2021-22: National time for 400 free 

Long Term Goals: Continue to train hard and keep improving myself, with the aim that it will take me to the top.


Favourite Pump up song: Can't Hold Us by Macklemore 

Go to quote: ""Hard work beats talent when talent doesn't work hard"

Mentors:  I've had and have awesome mentors through both swimming and surf life saving which helps me better myself.

Favourite Swimmer: Emma Mckeon

Best Message for Success: Truly believe you can and your half way there.

What got you into Swimming: My coach inspired me to give competitive pool swimming a go.