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Engine Wingskin C-6


Wingskin C6 Female

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Wingskin C6 Female

Introducing the Wingskin C6; The Most Advanced Technical Race Suit In The World. Built with cutting-edge 3D compression technology, the C6 is designed for elite performance. The C6 is constructed in three hydrophobic, high powered premium fabrics, engineered to MasterFit body shape into optimal streamlined positioning in water. These elements provide the fabric to move with precision throughout the range of swimming planes motion. The Wingskin C6 by Engine is an unparalleled swimsuit for your ultimate athletic moment.


● 3D Compression Control Systems and body alignment throughout the Hips, Groin, Glutes & Core system

● PowerBack – Reinforced constructed wideside powerband promoting body posture and scapula control & range of movement

● PowerFlex – Specific low back egg-hole maximising body flex stretch. Maximises freedom to emphasize range of motions with ease – starts and turns

● PowerCell – Optimal positioning of polyurethane taping that meets throughout the ‘PowerPoint’ (hip/glute). Creates greater force production in dives, push offs and in kicking action

● CellFlex – Customised Textile hexagon cell fabric construction

● Hydro Taping – For increased Body compression and improved body position

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